Robert Wynkoop Lansing
Stefan Bielinski

Robert Wynkoop Lansing was born in May 1800. He was the next to last child in the large family born to ferryman Gerrit A. Lansing and his second wife, New York City native Elizabeth Wynkoop. His mother died in 1806 and his father remarried.

This sketch appears chiefly to introduce his fascinating "Autobiography" which a descendant so thankfully has made available online!

His relative was Albany resident Alida Wynkoop Eights. He called her husband, Dr. Jonathan Eights, "uncle!"

He became a clerk in the Albany law office of Sanders Lansing - brother of the chancellor. There he met interesting and important notables including Aaron Burr. He left Albany in 1816.

Robert Wynkoop Lansing was living in 1878 when he sent his story to a daughter. He died in 1885. Do not miss the opportunity to read his story!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Robert Wynkoop Lansing is CAP biography number 3663. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. We have presented this sketch at this time mostly to link to his online autobiography!

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first posted: 11/25/03