Robert Lowther/Luther


Based on subsequent information, Albany resident Robert Lowther or Luther was born in Ireland about 1774. We seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany. A number of Lowther families are at-risk in North America during his lifetime.

Census records for this individual point to a family. However, his name or that of a spouse have not been encountered in the available records of early Albany churches. However, family-based information noted Lucinda, daughter of Robert Luther and Mercy South, was born in Albany County in November 1810.

In November 1798, two Albany jury lists identified him as a "vitler" (probably victualler). In 1799, the assessment roll for the first ward valued his house, lot, and holdings modestly.

In 1800, his first ward household was configured on the census. It included three children and a couple aged 26-45. A decade later, the census entry accounted for the aging of those family members. In 1813 and afterwards, city directories identified him as a carpenter with addresses at 49 Fox Street and in the rear of 51 Liberty.

"Robert Lowther" died at "Swart's Ferry" on July 1, 1822. He was 48-years old. A newspaper obituary stated that "He was returning to his home in Albany from a visit to Sharon, which place he left in apparent good health. He availed himself of the new mode of conveyance which the canal afforded, and is supposed to have died of apoplexy. He was a native of Ireland, whose love of liberty induced him to engage in the cause of his country with Emmet and others."

Past diminishing returns, with significant unanswered questions, we move on for now!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Robert Lowther/Luther has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
        Online searches reveal a number of American families under variable spellings (most frequently Lowther and Luther) during that time period. None lead to Albany. The Pennsylvania line;

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