Pieter Lassing


Pieter Lassing was a brewer and businessman who lived in Albany during the second half of the seventeenth century. According to traditional sources, he was born about 1635 in Denmark and emigrated to New Netherland about 1659.

His wife may have been Catharina Hoffmeyer. Their children were born during the 1680s and perhaps before and after as well.

In 1679, his name was listed on a census of Albany householders. He may have been a partner (with the Van Schaicks) in an Albany brewery which he sold to his partner's son in 1681. After that, he seems to have left Albany and the name dropped from city rolls until the nineteenth century.

Lassing later lived at what became Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County where his family became prominent.

Pieter Lassing probably died in Dutchess County in February 1709.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Pieter Lassing has not yet been assigned a CAP biography number. This admittedly premature, baseline sketch is derived chiefly from community-based resources. His surname has been spelled in a variety of ways - most often as "Lossing." He was an ancestor of favorite New York historian, artist, and iconographer Benson John Lossing (1813-91). The Lassing name does not appear to have been connected to the Albany Lansing family.

first posted: 12/20/05