Mary Lush Bradford


Mary Lush was born in January 1787. She was the daughter of Stephen and Lydia Stringer Lush. She grew up in a large family in the grand Market Street home of an Albany newcomer who was closely connected to the post-war government of New York State. Her maternal grandparents lived next door on the other size of the double Lush-Stringer house.

By 1808, she had married the Reverend John M. Bradford. By 1819, six children had been christened at the Albany Dutch church where her husband served as pastor for twenty years.

These Bradfords raised their children in a home located across the street from those of her kin and were Market Street mainstays for two decades.

By the early 1820s, her husband had become incapacitated and soon would be forced from his pulpit. Her extensive and affluent family network helped her through an otherwise troubling decade.

In April 1825, Mary was named in the will filed by her father who died later that month. Her two sons were provided for from her father's substantial estate.

Reverend John M. Bradford died in March 1826. He had lived only forty-six years. Mary was to live for almost forty more years without him. Her mother survived until 1841. Mary Lush Bradford died in November 1861 at the age of eighty-three.

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first posted: 12/10/09