Maria Lansing Sanders
Stefan Bielinski

Maria Lansing was born in December 1717. She was the eldest daughter of Albany residents Johannes and Geertruy Schuyler Lansing.

At age twenty three, she married thirty-five-year-old trader Robert Sanders in December 1740. The new couple settled on Pearl Street and could look forward to the advantaged life predictable for the children of such prominent early Albany families.

For Maria, that hope would be short-lived. Her only child was baptized in February 1743 but the boy died shortly thereafter. Maria Lansing did not survive either and was buried on February 15, 1743. She had lived only twenty-five years!



the people of colonial Albany The life of Maria Lansing Sanders is CAP biography number 3502. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Robert Sanders remarried in 1747.

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first posted: 1/10/02