John Livingston


John Livingston was born in March 1709. He was the third son of Robert Livingston Jr. and his wife Margarita Schuyler Livingston. He grew up in one of Albany's most illustrious families as his father was appointed mayor of the city in 1710. Robert Livingston, Jr. died in 1725. But John's mother, Margarita Schuyler, remained in or near Albany and lived almost until the end of the War for Independence.

However, his path forward was in business and required him to travel early and often. He appears to have sought opportunities in French Canada during the period of peace following the end of Queen Anne's War. Thus, he delayed marriage until he had reach the age of thirty.

In September 1739, he wed Catharina Ten Broeck at the Albany Dutch church. By 1761, the marriage had produced nine children who were christened in Albany, New York, and Montreal.

In 1744 and 1745, he was elected alderman for the first ward in Albany. Then, his career took an abrupt turn as he left Albany, first for New York, and then for Montreal - where he became a trader beginning at the end of the Seven Years War.

Livingston continued to build his enterprises in Canada until 1774 when he removed to the upper Hudson Valley and settled on family property at Stillwater. Falling back again to the safety of Albany, he later returned to the upper Hudson Valley but retained some of his Albany property.

John Livingston died in September 1791 at the age of eighty-two and was buried from the Albany Dutch church. His widow died in Albany in 1801.

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