Jacob Loockermans
Stefan Bielinski

Jacob Loockermans came to New Netherland during the mid-seventeenth century. He probably was the brother of Govert and Jan Loockermans originally of Antwerp, Belgium. He married Tryntje Claes and settled in Beverwyck. They had a daughter who was born during the 1660s, married Wessell Ten Broeck in 1684, and lived in one of her father's Albany houses.

Loockermans was a prominent if not outstanding fur trader and landholder during Albany's formative years. In 1679, he was identified as a mainline Albany householder and assessed as a substantial merchant. During that time, he performed a number of civic chores - serving as juror, roadmaster, and weighmaster. He was a member of the Albany Dutch church.

By 1686, Jacob and his wife had filed a joint will. Tryntie Jans died before August 21, 1696 when Jacob married Maria De Hooges - the widow of Hendrick Bries. This older couple is listed together on the city census of 1697. The last reference to him are two listings from an Albany assessment roll for 1709. With his passing, the Loockermans name disappeared from Albany records.



the people of colonial Albany The life of Jacob Loockermans is CAP biography number 5936. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. His origins and family history are unknown. Traditional particulars about his life are summarized by Jonathan Pearson, p. 75.

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