Jacob G. Lansing


Jacob G. Lansing was born in October 1737. He was the son of Gerrit J. and his first wife, Maria Evertsen Lansing. Maria died and his father re-married in 1739. He was known as "Jacob G. Lansing" to prevent confusion with a number of other same-named kin. He grew up in a large, combined family in a landmark home on Market Street.

In March 1767, he married Neeltie Roseboom at the Albany Dutch church. That marriage was childless and Neeltie died. In August 1774, he married Jemmetie (Frances) Lansing also at the Albany church where he was a member and pewholder. His second marriage to the daughter of his same-named uncle and mentor produced five children born between 1775 and 1786.

Although his father was a merchant and gunsmith, Jacob came from a family of silversmiths and entered that field as well. Prior to his marriage, he served as constable, as a replacement firemaster in 1764, and probably was a member of an Albany militia company. He belonged to the Albany Masonic lodge. In 1768, he was among the contributors for the new Masonic building .

In 1766, he joined other community men in signing a constitution of the Albany Sons of Liberty. He was among those who reportedly were protesting the Stamp Act at an Albany tavern.

Thirty-seven at the outbreak of the War, we seek precise information on " Jacob G.'s" wartime activities. In 1775, he was commissioned a lieutenant in the First New York Regiment. In 1777, he was Colonel of a militia regiment. Afterwards, he was accorded a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

In 1781, "Jacob G. Lansing" was elected assistant alderman for the third ward. In August 1782, he was paid by the city council for making a gold box as a gift for General Washington. Re-elected in 1782, he served several more terms.

In 1788, his name appeared on a petition submitted by Albany Antifederalists.

From the 1760s on, his holdings were valued on city assessment rolls. In 1790 and 1800, his third ward household was configured on the city census.

Jacob G. Lansing died in November 1803 and was buried from his church. He had lived sixty-six years. His widow, "Frances," passed in March 1807.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacob G. Lansing is CAP biography number 3726. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Online profile by Mary S. Van Deusen.

first posted: 3/5/08