Elizabeth Lynott De Witt
Stefan Bielinski

Elizabeth Lynott was named in the will filed by her father in 1769. At that time, Thomas and Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh Lynott were living in "Potamocassock" in Albany County. Previously, they had lived in Albany. Her father had stipulated that Elizabeth was to be supported while a minor, paid 400 when she was "of age," and was to share the remaining estate with her sister.

In 1773, following the death of Thomas Lynott, her mother re-married, bore seven more children, who with Elizabeth and Margaret Lynott, lived in the Albany home of her stepfather, skipper Abraham Bloodgood.

In October 1789, Elizabeth married reknowned cartographer Simeon De Witt at St. Peter's Church. The couple made their home on Court Street. However, the marriage was shortlived. After bearing two children, Elizabeth died in December 1793. Her famous husband married two more times and lived until 1834.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Elizabeth Lynott De Witt has not been assigned a CAP biography number. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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