Ann Logan Boyd


Ann Logan is thought to have been born in Ireland in 1739 and to have been of Scottish ancestry. We seek information regarding her family and early life.

In 1757, Ann would have been about eighteen when she married a much older John Boyd in Antrim, Ireland. The marriage produced a daughter and as many as eight sons. The first three children were born in Ireland while the others were christened in Albany. None of her children appear to have been christened at the Albany Dutch church. Her husband, however, was a pillar of the Albany Presbyterian church.

According to traditional sources, Ann's sister had married her husband's business partner in Europe and had emigrated to North America about the same time as the Boyds.

Boyd was a merchant who survived the Revolutionary era to re-emerge in post-war Albany with a large extended family. In 1790, their third ward household included three males over 16, fifty-one-year-old Ann, three boys, and two slaves

About 1793, Boyd is said to have relocated his family to Johnstown where he built a sawmill and died there in 1799.

In May 1797, Ann Boyd posted an administrative bond for her brother, James Logan - a Lake Champlain farmer.

After John Boyd's death, widow Ann moved back to Albany and into the South Pearl Street home of her married daughter.

Ann Logan Boyd died in Albany in February 1815. She was interred with her husband in the cemetery in Johnstown.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Ann Logan Boyd is CAP biography number 7596. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

A search of Internet based resources yielded information only under the Boyd family. We seek substantiation of her Logan family background. We have yet to definitively connect the Albany families to the Logans or Boyds of Northern Ireland.

first posted: 1/20/10