Abraham D. Lansing


Uniquely named Abraham D. Lansing was an Albany resident until his death in 1805. Although most likely connected to the larger Lansing family*, we have yet to define his specific origins. Known as "Abraham D. Lansing" consistently in the community-based record, his middle initial may connect him to the Douws as well. That said, New Jersey-based traditional sources have called him "Abraham Douw Lansing" and tell us that he was born to Albany area parents in 1775. At this point, we reserve definite assignment of such information to this individual - mostly because doing so would make him a father and husband during his mid-teens.

In August 1791, he married "Miss" Christina Voorhees in New Brunswick, New Jersey but under the auspices of the Flatbush Reformed Church in Kings County (Brooklyn). If family-based sources are correct, the couple may have been in their mid-teens at that time.

In March 1792, the couple witnessed the baptism of daughter son of Abraham A. Lansing. Their daughter was born in 1802 and lived at Cherry Hill after the death of her parents. Another daughter was christened at the Albany church in the spring of 1793.

By that time, the young couple had made their home in Albany.

In 1800, the census configured Abraham D. Lansing's household home with two boys, two young men, and a young woman - fixing the ages of the adults as no older than twenty-six. A year earlier, the first ward assessment roll valued his personal property between the Court Street houses of John Bogert and Abraham A. Lansing.

In 1803, he was promoted to lieutenant in the Albany County Militia.

In 1803, a voter list identified him as a merchant.

In 1803 or 1804, a Kingston newspaper reported that Abm. D. Lansing had submitted a bill to the state government for $792 due for "rent and taxes on the house occupied by the governor."

On October 1, 1805, the Albany Centennial reported "Died on Saturday last, Silas Howel and Abraham D. Lansing, merchants, of malignant fever." Traditional sources gave the cause of death as "yellow fever." Letters of administration were granted on his estate on October 24.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: Without defining demographic information, at this point, the life of Abraham D. Lansing has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Origins: Perhaps this individual did not originate from the Albany Lansings as we find no likely baptism information in the records of the Albany Dutch church.

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