Sybrant Kittle


Spelled and referenced variously, Albany resident Sybrant Kittle died in Albany in March 1844 at the age of sixty-eight. Traditional sources tell us that "Sybrant Van Schaick Kittel" was born in July 1775. Thus, he would have been a middle child in the large family of Daniel and Sarah Van Schaick Kittle perhaps of Schenectady. However, we seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany. We have not yet established (and perhaps will not) a possible connection to the Ketelhuyn family of early Albany and its environs.

Probably born during the mid 1770s, He married one Anna Hong in January 1797 at the Albany Lutheran church. Thus, he likely was of German ancestry. However, their children were buried in the Dutch church plot.

In 1799, his name began to appear on community-based documents. In that year, his house, lot, and personal property in the second ward were valued modestly. In 1802, his real and personal property on Van Schaick Street was valued modestly. That listing identified him as "non resident." At that time, his personal property was assessed under another household.

In 1800, his household was first configured on the census for the second ward. At that time, his family consisted of a a couple in their thirties and a boy and girl both less than ten years old. A decade later, the census showed sixteen people under his household. As late as 1840, he was listed on the census as the head of a third ward household.

Beginning with the first edition in 1813, the city directory identified him (that year only as "Simon") as a grocer at 44 Fox Street. Annually afterward, Sybrant was listed in the directory as a grocer at that address.

Unverified resources tell us that he lost his wife "Ann" in 1830.

On August 24, 1842, an Albany paper noted that "Sarah, mother of Sybrant Kittle, died in Schenectady, aged 102."

In March 1844, the Albany paper noted his passing. His will passed probate shortly thereafter. Sybrant Kittle had lived for 68 years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Sybrant Kittle has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. The Kittle name is prominent on the Census of 1790 with more than a dozen households configured mostly in rural Albany County - with two households in Schenectady.

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