Amelia Kip Wynants


Amelia Kip was born in August 1746. She was the daughter of Abraham and Albany native Elsie Pruyn Kip. She was the only daughter of a small family and grew up in the landmark home of a prosperous Dutchess County agri-businessman. Amelia Kip was granddaughter of Amelia Sanders Pruyn.

In November 1755, this nine-year-old was named in her ailing father's will. Following his death (which occurred within a few months), she was to receive a share of his substantial estate and was to be raised in the Albany home of her mother's brother, John Pruyn, Jr. Her mother was not referred to in Abraham Kip's will.

We presently presume that Amelia did grow up in the household of her Albany uncle. In February 1786, she was named as an heir in the will filed by the abovementioned John Pruyn.

By that time, she had married Albany newcomer Stephen Wynants. Their marriage produced a number of children - although none of them appear to have been baptized in Albany churches. Pruyn was dead by January 1788 and perhaps Amelia and her husband were able to stay on in his Albany home.

The couple raised their family in a house in the third ward. In 1790, the census showed their household included five people. After that, Stephen Wynants appears to have left Albany.

We seek information on the later life and passing of Amelia Kip Wynants.

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first posted: 8/10/10