Nicholas Jeroleman


Found under a number of spellings, Nicholas Jeroleman probably was born before 1750. We expect to be able to connect this individual to the family that came to America during the 1600s and settled in New York and New Jersey.

In May 1770, Nicholas "Yeraleman" married bricklayer's daughter Jannetje Waldron at the Albany Dutch church. At that time, they both were identified as residents of "this city." By 1789, nine children had been christened at the Albany church where both parents were occasional baptism sponsors.

In 1775 and '76, he contributed to and performed services for the Albany Committee of Correspondence. In 1778, he was appointed a captain in an Albany County regiment by the New York State Council of Appointment.

In 1779, his first ward property was valued for taxes. In July 1781, his account for one pound was ordered paid from the city treasury.

After the war, he ("Yoralimor") was accorded a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

He was a member of the Albany Masonic Lodge.

In 1788, his Southside property was accorded a moderate assessment. In 1790, his Watervliet household, with eleven family members, was configured on the first Federal census.

By 1813, he had sold a piece of property in Bethlehem.

Nicholas Jeroleman was last heard from in March 1815 in a land sale involving the Waldrons. HIs son and namesake became a resident of Bethlehem.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Nicholas Jeroleman is CAP biography number 4846. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Spellings of his surname begin with G, H, and Y.

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