William Holling


Spelled and referred to variously Albany resident William Holling (aka Hellen/Hellingh) was christened in the Albany Dutch church as "William Halyaigh" on June 9, 1723. Parents listed were Willem and Jenne - although probably a generation or more away from antecedents William and Jenny Seely Hollie. Named sponsors were Edward Holland and Anna De Peyster - young representatives of Albany's newcomer upper class.

In 1742, the name "Willing Helling" appeared on a list of freeholders in Rensselaerswyck next to that of Hendrick Hallenbeck - perhaps his future father or brother-in-law.

His wife was Elizabeth Halenbeek. At least four children were christened by them (Hellen) between 1749 and 1757.

In 1756, his name appeared on a census of Albany householders made by the British army. At that time, his family occupied one room in that house.

After that, references have not been encountered in the community-based record. Perhaps, he was the "Willem Hellen" whose property was valued on the Halfmoon assessment rolls during the mid-1760s.

With unanswered questions on the life of this William Holling, we move on for now.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of William Holling is CAP biography number 8515. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Perhaps this sponsor was Anna Schuyler De Peyster - at this time, the most promising candidate in terms of age and other relevant concerns. However, she might have been someone else entirely.

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