John Harris


John Harris (also "Jan Harriss") probably was born within a decade of 1650. A number of individuals named John or Jan Harris were living in the American colonies from New England to Virginia at that time.

His wife was Elizabeth Claassen. Two children were christened at the Dutch church in Albany in 1685 and April 1689. Perhaps their children survived and raised their own families in eighteenth century New York.

Beginning in September 1676, John Harris appeared before the Albany court. Most of his litigation concerned the payment of business accounts.

In September 1677, his name was included on an Ulster County land transaction. During the fourth quarter of the seventeenth century, he seems to have had ties to both Albany and Kingston.

In March 1679, "Jan Harriss" was listed on a census of Albany householders.

In April 1687, John Harris was among a number of traders who were licensed by the Albany Corporation to trade among the Indians. They each posted a bond of fifty pounds.

In December 1688, he was referenced as one of the witnesses to the will presented for probate by Domine Gideon Schaets.

John Harris was dead by July 12, 1694 when his widow re-married.

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