Johannes Hansen


Johannes Hansen was born in August 1674. He was the son of New Netherland pioneers Hans Hendricks and Eva de Meyer Hansen. He grew up in a large family in a landmark home on Market Street. He was named in the will filed by his father just before he died in 1694. After the death of his father, he seems to have taken charge of the family bible.

In 1697, he was alone in a house next to that of his widowed mother. Two years later, he joined his brother, the mayor, in signing a community-based oath of allegiance to the King of England. During the early 1700s, he served on Albany juries. His second ward property was valued on Albany assessment rolls. In 1720, the name of "Johannes Hansen" appeared on a list of second ward freeholders. In 1742, he may have been the Johannes Hansen listed among the freeholders of the third ward.

In March 1702, he married Sara De Foreest of New York City at her father's Albany house. According to the Hansen bible, Domine Lydius performed the ceremony. By 1729, the marriage may have produced a large number of children.

Johannes Hansen lost his wife in September 1746. Her died in May 1748 and was buried from the Albany church.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Johannes Hansen is CAP biography number 4940. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. This individual is mostly known as "Johannes Hansen" as distinct from his son and nephew - both of whom were called "Hans Hansen."

first posted: 1/20/08