At least three Daniel Hewsons were listed on the Albany assessment rolls in 1788. The five Hewson households may have represented three generations of the family also known in Albany as Huson, Hughson, and Huston.

Variously spelled, the family traces its roots to shoemaker Daniel Hewson who settled in Albany during the 1720s.

In 1756, the census noted two Huson households. Both were shoemakers.

In 1790, five Hewson-named households appeared on the Albany city census.

By 1815, five Hewson households were listed in the "downtown" part of the city.

At least one family member was a prominent silversmith during the 1800s.

The obituary of Thomas Hewson in 1855 provides an interesting look backwards.

Robert Hewson Pruyn was appointed minister to Japan in 1861

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first posted: 9/20/07