Henry Hogan


Henry Hogan was born in October 1736. He was the son of William and Pietertje Douw Hogan.

He does not appear to have married and probably lived in the first ward house of his widowed mother thru the 1780s. However, in 1788, his personal property was assessed under his name but within his mother's household.

But, in 1790, his first ward household probably included his mother. The property remained in his name on the assessment of 1799.

Reaching his majority during the late 1750s, the name of this Henry Hogan was not included in Albany annals until 1775 when he was appointed firemaster for the first ward. Perhaps he was living on the frontier or some place else beyond the scope of our enquiry. He voted in an Albany election in 1776 and was appointed firemaster again in 1780. However, he was "hurt in the line of duty" and had to be replaced.

In May 1775, he was listed as an ensign on the roster of a first ward militia company. Later, he was identified as a lieutenant in the first regiment of the Albany militia. Another source referred to him as a "captain" and stated that he declined to serve after 1780

In March 1778, his slave, "Tom," was among those caught trying to escape to the British in New York.

Henry Hogan died sometime after 1799.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Henry Hogan is CAP biography number 4317. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 6/15/07