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The Harsen family of early Albany and New York is distinct from the Hansens and Hewson/Husons! Their story in Albany probably begins with the arrival of New York City native Bernardus Harsen and his marriage to Albany native Catharina Pruyn in 1737.

Their son, Jacob (1738-c.1800), was a prominent trader in the Indian country. Another son, Frans, was an Albany mainstay during the last quarter of the eighteenth century.

This small early Albany family was more prominent in the the Great Lakes region. Harsen's Island in Michigan near the Canadian border is named for Jacob Harsen.

By 1790, the name "Harsen" had dropped from Albany rolls. Harsen households, however, were included on the census in New York City.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Interesting Harsen family/island history and lore online. More information on Harsen's Island.

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first posted: 3/5/05