Elizabeth Hopkins


Elizabeth Hopkins was the wife and then widow of Albany innkeeper Robert Lottridge. She probably was born during the early 1720s and is the subject of at least one plausible birth scenario. However, we seek defining information on her origins and path to Albany.

In December 1745, she probably was the "Elizabeth Lawtridge" who, with her brothers William & Archibald Hopkins - all of Albany County, New York, sought to sell land (purchased by their father John Hopkins in 1739) in Sussex County, Delaware. John Hopkins had migrated to Delaware but the three children had stayed behind in Albany County. By 1745, she was the spouse of Robert "Lawtridge." Her son, William, may have been born in 1746. Their son Archibald was christened at the Albany Dutch church in July 1749. Subsequent children were christened at St. Peter's in Albany until August 1757.

In 1756, her husband was the "Richard Lottridge" identified as an innkeeper on a census of Albany households taken by the British army.

Lottridge was dead by August 1759, when she married widower soldier Timothy O'Connor at the Albany Dutch church. After that, her name has not been encountered in the community-based record.

One of her sons took over the inn on the death of Robert Lottridge - perhaps in conjunction with O'Connor. Perhaps, the elders lived with the innkeeper.

We move on for now seeking information on the later life and passing of Elizabeth Hopkins Lottridge O'Conner.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Elizabeth Hopkins Lottridge O'Conner has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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