Benjamin Hilton


According to family-based resources, one time Albany resident Benjamin Hilton was born in July 1776. Thus, he would have been the son of John and Van Buren Hilton of Kinderhook. He was the third Albany Hilton to bear that name. We seek defining information on his origins and early life.

In December 1791, a "Benjamin Hilton" was among those named in the will filed by a childless John Price. At that time, Price's sister was the widow of Benjamin HIlton.

In December 1797, he married "Jacomyntje Van Valkenburg" at the Dutch church in Kinderhook. The marriage produced at least six births. Except for christenings in April 1799 and March 1802, their baptisms were not recorded in Albany churches. In August 1799, however, his child (probably the first of two "Johns") was buried from the Albany Dutch church.

His adult life began in the city of Albany. In April 1800, he paid $9 for a grocer's license. Later that year, his household was configured on the census of the first ward. At that time, it consisted of Hilton and his wife, a younger woman (16-25) and two slaves. In 1800, ten HIlton named households were listed on the city census - mostly in the first ward. The assessment roll in 1799, taxed his house, lot, and store in the first ward moderately.

After 1800, he seems to have returned to his native Kinderhook. During the 1830s, a same-named individual was deputy sheriff of Columbia County. For the decades before and after, a number of other offices are possible for this individual. The remainder of this subject's life (out of Albany) requires more investigation.

Benjamin Hilton lost his wife when "Jemima Hilton" died at Kinderhook at the age of 51.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Benjamin Hilton is CAP biography number 7677. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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