John Glen, Jr.


John Glen, Jr. was born in July 1735. He was the son of Jacob and Elizabeth Cuyler Glen. He was the older brother of Henry Glen, Jr. and Janet Glen Cuyler.

In May 1759, he married Catharina Veder at the Albany Dutch church. By 1777, six children had been christened in Schenectady although he was a pewholder in Albany.

In his earlier adult life, he was known as an Albany merchant. During that time, he probably lived on Pearl Street where he was the partner of a much older Hendrick Bleecker.

Beginning during the 1760s, he moved to acquire investment land along the Normanskill, in Schenectady, and out in the Mohawk Valley. He also held land to the north in the Kayadarosseras Patent, at Fort Edward, and beyond along the upper Hudson at a place that soon would be known as "Glens Falls."

During the last of the colonial wars, he served as a quartermaster and was known as "Colonel."

Sometimes known as "Col. Johannes Glen," during those decades, he was a Schenectady-based real estate trader who is said to have won the title to what became Glens Falls in a card game. He re-built the mill on the site and spent summers at Glens Falls trading and entertaining.

His wife died in October 1799. John Glen, Jr. became poor at the end of his life and was supported by friends. He died in September 1828 at the age of ninety-three.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Glen, Jr. is CAP biography number 4934. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Online biographies: The Corners;

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