Gregor Grant


Spelled and referred to variously, Gregor Grant (aka George Grant) probably was born during the mid-eighteenth century. We seek information on his origins and path to Albany. Perhaps, he emigrated from Abernathy, Scotland in 1774, joined the Revolutionary army, and settled in Albany.

We seek information on his marital status. He seems to have fathered children.

He was in Albany at least by 1779 when his real property in the first ward near the Wendell pastures was assessed modestly. At that time, the lot and personal property of "George Grant" also were valued as two additional but separate items.

In August 1781, his leased lot next to that of Alexander Campbell was referenced in the city records. During the 1780s, he had some business with the city government although he does not seem to have held public positions. In 1788 and in 1799, his house and lot were assessed in the same location.

In 1790, "George" Grant's household (in the same location) included five members. A decade later, "Gregor's" first ward household encompassed only a young man and the aging couple.

In 1794, he appears to have been among those who owed a small sum to the estate of William Shepherd.

In the winter of 1798, he was listed on two lists of prospective jurors twice and was identified as a "yeoman."

Beyond those references, we have not yet encountered additional information on the life of Gregor Grant. With a number of outstanding questions and little comprehension of the meaning of his names, we move on for now.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Gregor Grant is CAP biography number 8223. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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