Spelled and referred to variously (esp. Goewey), the story of the Goewy family in America most likely begins with the emigration of one Solomon Abelse - who spent some time in Albany . His son, the long-lived Jan Salomonse, probably came to America after 1664 and was raising a family in Albany during the 1680s.

The Albany Goewy family appears to have been of Huguenot background. But we do seek defining information Jan Salomonse's origins and path to Albany. The Goes family (more on the east side of the Hudson) including Dirck Janse Goes does not seem to be closely connected.

Jan Salomonse's son known as Salomon Goewy (aka Solomon) married at least twice and raised a large family in Albany and its environs.

A number of contemporary family members were named John/Jan/Johannes

In 1742, a list of Albany freeholders included the names of the abovementioned Solomon and one John "Goewys." However, none of the city householders identified in 1756 appeared under the name Goewy.

In 1763, a countywide"Book of the Freeholders" listed only one Johannes Goewy in close proximity to mainline city residents. Survey resources covering the upriver region during the 1760s reference the city properties of "Barent Goewyck" and the "house of Jno Goewys." However, the comprehensive index notes the holdings and activities of a number of regional personages as well as an even more extensive listing under the surname of "Goes."

1779 the house and property of Gerrit Goewy appeared on the first ward assessment roll. A decade later in 1788, the same property was valued as well.

After the War, the name of John Goewy appeared on a list of those eligible for a service related bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

In 1790, the household of Garret Gowey was configured on the first ward census. Three more Goewy-named households in surrounding Watervliet, but only one additional Goewy-named household was enumerated for the entire State.

In 1813, the first city directory listed John A. Goewey as a saddler at 14 Market Street.

For much of the colonial period, the Goewy family maintained a small but consistent presence in the city. It was more prominent in the surrounding area and elsewhere.

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