Dirck Janse Goes


Dirck Janse Goes was among those residents of Albany and its environs who swore allegiance to the King of England in 1699. However, a number of regional contemporaries also were known as "Dirck Janse."

This individual probably was the son of New Netherland pioneers Jan Tysse of Kinderhook and his (second?) wife, "Styntje Janse Van Hoesen." He probably was born during the 1670s - prior to the surviving recordings of baptisms at the Albany Dutch church in 1683. He may have been the "Dirck Janz" listed among the church members in 1683 or afterwards.

By 1700, he had married "Lybetje (Elizabeth) Luycassen Wyngaert" when their son was christened in Albany. According to subsequent resources, the marriage produced two more children.

In February 1705, he would have been named in the second will (he had been named in a will filed a decade earlier as well) filed by his ailing father. He was slated to inherit the Kinderhook house and property where Jan Tysse was then living. The will passed probate in 1708.

In 1720, "Derrick" was one of three Goes family members listed among the freeholders of "Kenderhook."

"Dirck Goes of Kinderhook" filed a will in June 1732. It named his wife and then his three children as heirs. Its provisions (especially concerning the "Common patent of Kinderhook") further connected his family to that community. The will passed probate on August 6. Son of a one-time Beverwyck/Albany resident (and perhaps an Albany native himself), this adult individual does not appear to have lived in the city of Albany.

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