Charles Gordon


One-time Albany resident Charles Gordon probably was born during the the mid-eighteenth century. A number of same-named contemporaries appear to be at-risk in the region. We seek defining information on this individual's origins and path to Albany.

Perhaps he came to old Albany County during the 1770s. A number of core family-based resources for Schenectady have simply noted "Charles Gordon, citizen of Schenectady, 1779." Charles and other Gordons are said to have served in the Second [or] Schenectady militia regiment.

During the war years, a Charles Gordon of the Mohawk Valley (esp. Palatine) was an occasional contact for the Albany Committee. However, the extent of that person's activities may be beyond the scope of our concern.

In October 1779, his name appeared on the city assessment roll with holdings valued at $15. However, he does not seem to be referenced on the tax list for the month of March.

Afterwards, his name was included on a list of those in the first regiment of the Albany Militia eligible for a land bounty right.

In December 1785, his account for a small sum was among the large number of those ordered to be paid by the city government.

We guess that he had a family but have not connected him to any of early Albany's churches.

In 1788, the house and property of "Charles Gordon" were valued on an assessment roll in the second ward.

In 1790, his household in the first ward was configured on the census. At that time, it included four males older than sixteen and one female.

This individual probably was dead by April 1799 when the will of one Charles Gordon passed probate in Albany on April 9, 1799. A detailed inventory of his assets and debits was attached. One John Baker (probably a first ward householder in 1800) was identified as the estate administrator.

We have not established many essential linkages for this individual. Missing important defining demographic information on Albany resident Charles Gordon, we are compelled to move on for now.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Charles Gordon is CAP biography number 8202. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

This otherwise fascinating notice contains a number of errors including a date of death.

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