Alida Gerritsen Graverat


Alida Gerritsen was born in May or June 1701. She was the daughter of Elbert and Maria Pruyn Gerritsen. She grew up in a tailor's home as a member of a medium-sized, working class Albany family.

In November 1727, she married Isaac Graverat at the Albany Dutch church. By 1745, eleven children had been christened in Albany whose names reflect family-based naming patterns. During that time, at least eight of her children were buried from the Dutch church. Two or three sons survived to lead notable lives. Alida Graverat was a pewholder and regular baptism sponsor at her Albany church.

These Graverats lived near the river in the third ward and held additional property along Foxes Creek that she had inherited from her father in 1750.

After Isaac's death in 1759 or '61, Alida Gerritsen Graverat became head of their household. In 1766 and 1767, she was listed on the assessment rolls with her grown son Hendrick. By that time, her other son, Gerrit, had left Albany for the Great Lakes region. In 1769, her pew at the church was transferred to Maria Pruyn.

After that, her name has not been found in community-based resources.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Alida Gerritsen Graverat is CAP biography number 6005. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 2/10/08