William Flansburgh


The name of " William Flansbury" was included on a census of Albany householders made by the British army in 1756. He was called a carpenter and his Albany house was said to have been able to accommodate no officers but 4-6 soldiers. It had two fireplaces and one room without fire, and the family currently occupied one room. This profile seeks to identify and place that individual on the community landscape.

That householder cannot be the boy christened in the Flensburgh family on September 28, 1746 - unless he was baptized at age 10 or so. At this point, we cannot say that this "real person" is a member of the Albany Flensburgh family.

A number of marriage senarios are possible as well.

In November 1774, the city council paid the account of William Flansburg the sum of one pound, twelve shillings.

Military service records exist for William F___s during the Revolutionary era.

In 1790, the household of William Flansburgh was configured on the census for Watervliet - probably located south of the city in what soon would become Bethlehem.

In March 1821, William Flansburg of Berne filed a will. It identified heirs including a son named Matthew. Those children fit with the WF who married Christina Boeckes and fathered a number of children up to 1782.

At this point, we cannot definitively connect the individual listed with the Albany householders to any of other "Williams" named above. We seek information on the origins of the Albany mainstay of 1756.

who out there knows this guy?


the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of William Flansburgh has not been assigned a CAP biography number. These notes are compiled chiefly from family and community-based resources. It is admittedly pre-mature and is posted to solicit information or thoughts on this individual.

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