Douw I. Fonda


Douw I. Fonda was christened in July 1709. He was the son of Isaac and Alida Lansing Fonda. He grew up in a businessman's home in the third ward.

In March 1727, he married Aaltie (Alida) Ouderkerk at the Albany Dutch church. Beginning in 1728, their children were christened in the church where both parents were frequent baptism sponsors and thus active at least as late as 1754.

These young Fondas were Albany residents. In September 1733, Douwe Isaacse was named high constable. He probably was the "Douwe Fonda" who was elected assistant alderman for the second ward in September 1736. In July 1737, that individual purchased a lot in the second ward along the east side of Pearl Street and next to the property of Jan Maase. The council minutes further described the property and set the terms of sale. He also was re-elected assistant alderman in 1737.

In 1741, he was named a partner in the Sacandaga Patent.

Additional community-based information exists for Douw Fonda. However, at this point, we will step away from this particular Douw lest we further confuse the issues. See DIF381.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Douw I. Fonda is CAP biography number 3808. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Perhaps a different (and more Mohawk valley centered) Douw Fonda married A. Van Ness in 1732. That marriage also produced a number of children during some of the time that Aaltie Ouderkerk was bearing Douw I. Fonda's children.
In case anyone feels they definitively know their Douw Fondas, you might consult Joe Fondy's well-done and interesting offering.

first posted: 8/25/09