Teunis Teunisse Egbertse


Spelled and referenced variously, Teunis Teunisse (patriarch of the Egbertse family) may have come to New Netherland as early as 1641. The standard resource on early Rensselaerswyck provides interesting information (p.830) on his European origins and some of his subsequent activities in America.

By 1654, he had married one   Egbertie Egberts - a woman perhaps with a visible history of her own.. The marriage produced at least seven children who may have been christened at the Albany Dutch church in the years prior to the preservation of church baptism records. He was a church member, regular contractor, and frequent baptism sponsor.

In 1674, his name ("Theunes Teunesse Metes . . .") was included on a list of personages invited to the funeral of a prominent Van Rensselaer.

He seems to have supported himself in the building trades (most likely as a mason) - erecting, for example, chimneys and a brick house. In 1679, he was identified as an Albany householder. Four years later, a church list stated that he lived outside the North Gate.

In 1685, Teunis Teunisse Egbertse submitted a joint will with Egbertie. It identified their seven living children - the youngest then being aged nineteen. We seek a date for its probate.

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