Johannes Evertsen


Spelled and referred to variously, this Johannes Evertsen probably was born about 1680. We seek defining information on his origins and life history. Another same-named but older contemporary (probably his father) living in/or around Albany dictates caution in the assignment of qualitative information. However, this sketch focuses on the younger Johannes Evertsen who appears to have followed his father as a city resident.

In July 1712, this individual married "Barentie Brnyn" (perhaps Bruyn or Pruyn) at the Albany Dutch church. By 1716, the marriage had produced three children - one of whom was christened at the Lutheran church.

In 1714, he was named firemaster for the second ward. In 1725, he was chosen firemaster for the third ward.

In 1715, his name appeared on the roster of the Albany County militia company captained by Henry Van Rensselaer.

In 1720, he appears to have been noted on a list of freeholders in the third ward. At that time, Jan Evertse and other family members were freeholders in the second ward.

In June 1729, Johannis's property in the second or third ward was referenced in the city records.

According to Dutch church burial records, "Hans" Evertsen was buried at the Lutheran church on December 12, 1741.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of this Johannes Evertsen is CAP biography number 7968. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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