Hendrick Evertsen


Hendrick Evertsen was born in March 1761. He was the son of the large family of town cryer and cooper Johannes (Hans) and Susanna La Grange Evertse.

Hendrick was married two or three times. He wed Hendrickie Winne in September 1783. "Hendrick Evertsen's wife" died in March 1794. He married Cornelia Slingerland in August 1795. By 1803, the two marriages had produced seven children who were christened at the Albany Dutch church.

Fourteen year-old at the outbreak of the war, he later received a land bounty right for service in conjuntion with the Albany regiment of the militia.

In 1782, he was named constable for the third ward. In 1790, his growing family was configured on the census and on assessment rolls for the third ward. A few years later, he re-located to Hudson Street. He followed his father in the cooper's trade. In 1791, he was named co-executor of Hans Evertse's will. Hendrick owned a house and lot in the first ward and at least three lots on Fox Street above Pearl. In 1800, his household consisted of four children and the parents. f

In the decades that followed, Hendrick Evertsen held the title of "Inspector of Provisions" and was a Hudson Street mainstay. He died in July 1814 at the age of fifty-three. The next year, his widow was listed in the city directory at 33 Hudson.

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