William Dumond


In 1800, the household of William V. Dumond was configured on the census for Albany's second ward. Living in that dwelling, were a man over 45 years of age, two boys under ten, two girls aged 10-16, and a woman between 26 and 45. We seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany.

With other same-named contemporaries at-risk in the region, this sketch focuses on the life of the Albany householder of 1800 known most definitively as William V. [Van Norden] Dumond.

Based on external resources, we surmise that he was a member of the "Dumont" [Du Mont] family - possibly Huguenot émigrés to New Netherland, then residents of Ulster and Albany counties, New York. Other potential scenarios abound leaving us unwilling to commit to any of them at this time. The middle initial "V" [Van Orden/Norden] leads to his mother's surname.

Reaching maturity during the Revolutionary era, we expect to find his name in relation to wartime activities. Family-based materials tell us that a similarly named individual was a loyalist lieutenant in the 2nd New Jersey volunteers and afterward made his way to Canada.

He is said to have married one Elizabeth "Beckus" or Tibbetts - by 1782 and possibly in Nova Scotia. At some point, the couple returned to New York and began to raise a family.

In May 1794, "William Allen [Dumond]," son of William V. Dumond and Elizabeth Beckus was christened at the Jerusalem Reformed church. Church records indicate that he had been born on August 16, 1793.

William Dumond is said to have passed away in 1813 unbelievably at a number of locations.

These notes were intended to lend substance and structure to the life of William V. Dumont, the Albany householder of 1800. Alas, mostly unresolved issues and questions appear above. With great uncertainty, we move on from the life of one-time Albany resident William V. Dumont.

biography in-progress - 2017


the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of William Dumond has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
An Internet sweep for "William Dumond Albany" in April 2018 yielded many thousand potential matches.

Wartime activities: Name associated/connected to the second regiment of the New York Line and bounty rights for the eleventh regiment of Albany County militia. Substantial information on the name is indexed under Ancestry.com. See also relevant but puzzling online materials related to the militia.

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