Peter P. Dox


Peter P. Dox was born in September 1785. He was the son of Peter and Catharina Lansing Dox. He grew up in a moderate sized family in the North End of Albany.

This individual does not seem to have married and probably lived in his father's river-view home which in 1800, included ten family members and four servants. In 1808, he was among those family members invited to the funeral of a neighbor.

Peter P. Dox was a businessman, banker, and official with an address of 29 State Street listed in the first city directories.

In 1814, he replaced George W. Mancius as postmaster. Later that year, he was identified as secretary of the Albany County Republican committee. In 1815, the directory identified him as an alderman with an address at the post office at 333 North Market Street. He also was an officer of the Albany Masonic lodge.

Peter P. Dox died in November 1815 at the age of thirty. He was called postmaster and late sheriff of the city and county of Albany. Friends and acquaintances were invited to his funeral from the house of his father. He was buried in the Dutch church cemetery plot. Letters of administration were granted on his estate in December 1815.

In 1816, his brother, Gerrit L. Dox, was appointed postmaster in his place.

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