John Deyermand
Stefan Bielinski

John Deyermand was born in March 1784.

He was in Albany by July 1812 when he was mentioned in the conveyance of several parcels of land in the second ward and in Colonie. In 1813, he was identified in the first city directory as a grocer and living at 59 Orange Street. His house was on the corner of Orange and Chapel Streets. Subsequent directories listed him at that location thru 1821.

He was married to a woman named Mary Ann (born March 1787). In 1820, his household consisted of five people including two children under the age of ten. A sampler stitched by his daughter in 1822 provides demographic information on this family.

John Deyermand died in June 1821 at age thirty-seven. His will passed probate on June 13, 1821. HIs widow was listed in the city directory for 1822 at his former address. Her funeral was recorded in the Albany Gazette on March 14, 1828.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Deyermand/Dey-Ermand/D'Armond is CAP biography number 2006. His name occurs in many variations. This sketch is derived chiefly from community-based resources. A "sampler" was offered for sale at an action held at Stair Galleries in Hudson, New York in April 2008. Transcription provided by a benefactor. An image of the sampler is on file at the project office. We seek defining information on his origins and activities. Three Deyermand households were listed in the city directory in 1815 and living in close proximity. At this point, material on the Internet raises questions!

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