Jacob D'Hinsse
Stefan Bielinski

Jacob D'Hinsse (De Hinse) was a surgeon who lived in Beverwyck - Albany and other locations in New Netherland.

In 1661, a legal document identified him as "Mr. Jacob de Hinsse, chirurgeon in the village of Beverwyck near Fort Orange." He owned several parcels in Albany [along the river and the Ruttenkill], served as magistrate, and also appeared in court as a litigant and attorney. Court minutes describe some of the particulars of his medical practice.

His practice appears to have been extensive and among his principal clients were the Deacons of the Albany Dutch church.

During the 1650s and/or '60s, he contracted with an orphanage in the Netherlands for the services of a maid. Her work in his Beverwyck household was noted by D'Hinsse's biographer.

His first wife was Anna [Hendrix Van Rensselaer]. Seven weeks after her death in March 1671, D'Hinsse married widow Rykie Van Dyck Dareth, the sister of his one-time apprentice, Dr. Cornelis Van Dyck.

Jacob D'Hinsse died in August 1671 "being conscious till the last minute and in a peaceful frame of mind." Without other surviving heirs, the entire estate went to his widow.

biography in-progress


the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacob D'Hinsse is CAP biography number 8011. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. The only historian to attempt to chronicle his life is Janny Venema. She found him often referred to as "Meester Jakob." Her book entitled Beverwijck also includes a section on medical care in Beverwyck.

As with many figures of the New Netherland era, we have many unanswered questions regarding D'Hinsse's life!

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first posted: 3/25/04