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Godfredius Dellius was the pastor of the Albany Dutch church during the 1680s and 90s. He was born in Europe about 1650. He was called to Albany in 1683 to assist the aged Dominie Gideon Schaets.

Because Schaets continued to preach until 1690, Dellius focused more on missionary work during his early years in New York. He displayed a particular interest in converting and educating the Native peoples of greater Albany. On a number of occasions he received funds from the province of New York for missionary purposes.He also occasionally ministered to the Christians in Schenectady, Kinderhook, and Kingston.

During the mid-1680s, he took charge of the negotiations that brought title to "the Pasture" - encompassing a large chunk of the southern side of Albany, to the his church. The church held title to that tract until 1815.

In 1696, Governor Fletcher granted Dellius and others a large tract of land (537,600 acres) north of the Saratoga Patent. The so-called "Dellius Patent" occasioned great conflict among the various interests in provincial landholding. However, it was nullified as a subsequent governor understood that it was not in the best interests of the crown. But, early on, the patent had served notice that Albany people would be active paticipants in the initiatives to parcel out investment real estate in New York.

In 1697, his home was configured on the Albany census. Two years later, he joined with other Albany notables in swearing allegiance to the king of England.

In 1699, some of these Albany people petitioned for the reinstatement of Dominie Dellius. But by that time, Dellius had returned to Holland.

His wife's name was Isabella and the marriage produced at least two daughters baptized in America.

Dominie Godfredius Dellius died on March 1, 1710.

Today, "Dallius Street," on the southside of Albany and running south from Hudson until it meets Green, commemorates this early Albany cleric.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Dominie Dellius is CAP biography number 5319. He may have been christened as "Godfrey Dell." However, his name was latinized to "Godfredius Dellius." His first name appears in many forms. This sketch is derived chiefly from church and community-based resources.

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