Geertruy De Vos Coeymans


Traditional sources tell us that Geertruy De Vos was born during the first half of the seventeenth century (perhaps in 1631 or 1632). She was the daughter of Andries De Vos and his wife, Margarita or Maria Coeymans De Vos. She is thought to have come to New Netherland with her parents in 1641. She grew up on her father's farm in the part of Rensselaerswyck that today is known as Bethlehem - although Andries De Vos owned property within the Beverwyck stockade as well.

Perhaps she was the second wife of Barent Pieterse Coeymans. Traditional sources have given her marriage date as 1653. Subsequently, Geertruy bore several Coeymans children and is considered to be the matriarch of the Coeymans family in America.

Barent Pieterse accumulated substantial and diverse resources in the area around Beverwyck/Albany - although he probably was not an actual city resident. He may have lived into the eighteenth century as his estate was not probated until 1712.

However, Geertruy De Vos Coeymans died somewhat earlier. In 1697, the census of Barent Pieterse's Rensselaerswyck family showed no women in his household. Traditional sources may have set her death date as 1671 and also as 1688.

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