Andries Douw
Stefan Bielinski

Andries Douw was born about 1660. He was the son in the large family of New Netherland pioneers Volckert Janse and Dorothe Van Breestede Douw.

Andries Volckertse appears to have been married three times. In June 1685, he is said to have wed a woman named "Annetje" in New York City. In June 1697, he married Elsie Hansz (Hansen) at the Albany Dutch church where he was a member and regular baptism sponsor. She died in December 1699 while attempting to deliver a child. Otherwise, those marriages appear to have been childless. In December 1702, he married Lydia De Meyer. By 1722, six of their children were christened at his Albany church.

This Andries Douw lived in Renssleaerswyck, on the east side of the Hudson, where his family held extensive acreage. In 1697 - just prior to his second marriage, he was listed on the Manor census in a house with two other men. During the 1680s, he was identified as the skipper of a "boat" that ran between Albany and New York. In 1699, he joined with Albany-area worthies in swearing allegiance to the king of England. In 1715, his name was included on the roster of an Albany-based militia company.

In 1703, he was elected to represent Rensselaerswyck in the provincial Assembly.

Andries Douw witnessed a baptism in October 1725. After that, he seems to have been off of Albany-area rolls.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Andries Douw is CAP biography number 2057. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Andries Douw of Rensselaerswyck was one of several individuals of the same name living in the Albany area during the same time period.

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first posted: 10/30/05