Anna Dorothea Drayer Barclay


Anna Dorothea Drayer was the daughter of the Danish ancestry adventurer Andries Drayer (Drawyer) and Gerritje Van Schaick - daughter of a prominent Beverwyck pioneer.

Her father was employed by the Dutch and was placed in command when Albany became Willemstadt in 1673. He later took his family and returned to Europe where he is said to have died in 1686. His widow then came back to New York with her family - which included Anna who probably was born in Denmark. "Johanna" was admitted to the Dutch church in New York City in February 1700.

In 1708, Anna Dorothea married Reverend Thomas Barclay and took up residence at his parsonage in Albany. Three of her four sons born between 1712 and 1720 became prominent figures in eighteenth century New York.

By the 1720s, Thomas Barclay's physical and mental health were in serious decline. Deteoriating throughout, he died in 1726 leaving widow Anna to raise the Barclay children.

Three of her sons became prominent residents of colonial New York. Henry was a notable missionary and cleric. Andrew was a Manhattan-based merchant. John, the youngest, became the first mayor of Albany under the new State of New York in 1777. Perhaps, she spent her remaining years in one of their comfortable homes.

However, her name has not been found in the community-based records encountered so far. We seek information on her later life and passing.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Anna Dorothea Drayer Barclay is CAP biography number 960. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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