Stephen Carlo


The name of Stephen Carlo was found on the Albany city census in 1790.

This individual was born prior to the mid-1760s. His name sometimes was spelled with a "w."

Perhaps he served in the Revolutionary army as his accounts were later paid.

During the 1780s, he married Abigail Rider at the Dutch church in Schenectady. At that time, he was said to have been "gebortigs' koningh's Brugge." Their six children were christened in Schenectady during the 1780s.

At some time during the 1780s, he seems to have settled in Albany.

In 1790, the first ward household of Stephen Carlo was configured on the Albany census. It included eight family members. Two years earlier, his personal property was valued (at 1 shilling) under the upper State Street house of the recently deceased John Sanders.

After 1790, his name drops from the community-based resources thus far encountered. However, the census for Greenwich, Washington County in 1810 configured the household of Stephen Carlow with two children and two adults aged 26-45.

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