Sara Cuyler Hansen
Stefan Bielinski

Sara Cuyler was born in 1693, the daughter of Albany trader Johannes Cuyler and Elsie Ten Broeck - the daughter of Dirck Wesselse. This Albany native grew up a member of a large family living on Pearl Street.

As her family's fifth daughter, she waited until she was almost thirty to marry twenty-eight-year-old Johannes "Hans" Hansen in 1723. He was an Albany merchant, trader, and landholder. The first of their eight children was born later that year.

Their marriage lasted thirty-three years. Sara presided over the family home while her husband devoted more time to civic matters - culminating in his appointment as mayor of Albany in 1731 and again in 1754. She was a pewholder in the Albany Dutch Church.

Hans Hansen died in the spring of 1756. His will made Sara sole heir and co-executor of his estate. She lived on in her "good house" on Pearl Street with her sons for more than a decade.


the people of colonial AlbanyThe life of Sara Cuyler Hansen is CAP biography number 610. This profile is derived chiefly from community-based resources. We seek information on her passing!

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