Samuel Coeymans


According to family-based resources, Samuel Coeymans was born in August 1670. He was a younger son of New Netherland pioneers Barent Pieters and Geertruy De Vos Coeymans. He seems to have grown up on his father's holdings on the manor and beyond.

His father lived into the eighteenth century and this younger son seem to have remained under the family umbrella until he was in his forties.

In 1715, his name appeared on the roster of an Albany County militia company.

By that time, he seems to have taken charge of extensive lands in the southern part of the county that has come to be known as the "Coeymans Patent."

Samuel also owned property within the Albany city limits. But mostly, he lived with his sister Ariaantie in the family mansion that was built above the west side of the Hudson in the present-day village of Coeymans.

In 1720 and 1742, his name appeared on lists of Rensselaerswyck freeholders.

In August 1724, he was left fifty pounds in the will of Janetie Benson, his widowed sister .

In December 1724, Samuel would have been in his fifties when he married a much younger Catharina Van Schaick at the Albany Dutch church. Probably due to his age, their marriage was childless. However, the marriage endured until his death three decades later.

During the second quarter of the eighteenth century, he seems to have been most concerned with defining and developing his property known as the "Coeymens Patent." His associate or partner in this was Ariaantie's husband, David Verplanck.

In September 1749, he was granted custody of the creek behind his lot in the first ward by the Albany city council.

Samuel Coeymans made out a will in June 1754. Stating that he was a resident of Rensselaerswyck, it left his personal estate to his wife and real properties to the industry of his nephews - the Ten Eycks. Samuel died in July 1754 and was buried from his church. His widow survived into the 1770s.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Albany-area notable Samuel Coeymans is CAP biography number 6161. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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