Paul Clark


Paul Clark was born in November 1767. He was the son of Albany residents Patrick and Cornelia Waldron Clark and was christened at the Albany Dutch church.

As early as 1788, the personal property of "Paul Clark" was valued on the Albany roll at the end of the first ward assessments.

His wife was Rachel Van Cotts. They christened a daughter at the Dutch church in April 1801.

Paul Clark had lost his father by April 1796 when the elder's estate passed probate.

Community based surveys identified him as a grocer. He was better known as an innkeeper.

In 1799, his first ward house and lot were valued on the city assessment roll. In 1800, his household included three children and the parents. A decade later, this Clark family had grown to include ten people.

In 1813, thirteen Clark-named addresses were listed in the first city directory. However, none identified "Paul Clark." In 1815, and afterwards, Paul Clark was listed in the annual directory on Upper Lydius Street.

During the first part of the 19th century, Paul Clark's inn, located "in the southwestern part of Albany," was well known to travellers from the west. Perhaps its last remains/ruins were demolished in 2012.

In 1830, Paul Clark's address was given as the corner of Lydius & Lark." His name was one of twenty-four Clark addresses (probably representing several distinct families) listed in the city directory. In the year, the census counted eight people at his address on the western edge of the settled city.

Paul Clark died in March 1831 and was buried in the Dutch church plot. He had lived for sixty-six years. An obituary called him the "keeper of the famous tavern called Paul Clarke's corner." His will passed probate in May. His estate included property at Union and Liberty Streets and a store and lot on the corner of Lydius and "Cord" Streets. His son and daughter were named as beneficiaries.

Later, his grave stone was relocated to Albany Rural Cemetery.

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