Geertruy Coeymans Vosburgh


Geertruy Vosburgh was born during the first third of the seventeenth century. She was the wife of New Netherland pioneer Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh and matriarch of the Albany Vosburgh family. Traditional sources intimate that she was born in Europe in 1628 and was member of the Coeymans family. Perhaps, she was a sister of Barent P. Coeymans. At this point, we are not at all certain of her background and marriage record.

Her children were with Abraham Vosburgh and she seems to have been the mother of a number of Albany area residents.

Her husband was killed by Indians in 1659. The widow assumed some of his business obligations.

A "Geertruy Vosburgh" is said to have had a short-lived marriage to widower Albert A. Bradt. That childless union ended in divorce.

Abraham Pieterse was long dead by March 1679 when "Geertruy Vosburgh" was identified as the owner of record of an Albany home.

In 1683, she was among the church members who contributed to the support of a second minister at Albany. Her contribution was posted near the end of the list under the heading "farmers below." By that time, she is said to have taken her Vosburgh children to Kinderhook where her sons became mainline residents.

Geertruy Coeymans Vosburgh was not mentioned in the will filed by her son in 1690. However, she is said to have died about 1695.

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