Francis Carbine


Francis Carbine(s) was born in 1733. He is said to have been a native of Truro in Cornwall, England and to have been the son of Francis and Eleanor Adams Carbine. Sometimes he was referred to as "Francis Carbine, Jr."

He is said to have married New Jersey native Mary Stout in Somerset County in March 1770. The marriage produced a number of children whose names have not been found in Albany church records. "Francis and Eleonora Carbin" witnessed a baptism at the Albany Dutch church in June 1788.

We seek information on what brought him to America and then to Albany during the American Revolution.

In 1781, he was among those newcomers who purchased the "Freedom of Albany." At that time, he was identified as a merchant.

However, his time in Albany appears to have been of short duration. He soon left Albany and settled his family in one or more places in the southern part of Albany County that became Greene County in 1800. Once relocated, he seems to have been a merchant and landholder. In 1792, he was living near Catskill Landing. In 1790, his household consisting of two men and a woman was listed on the Albany County census under Schoharie.

Francis Carbine died in May 1795 at the age of sixty-two. A notice in an Albany newspaper called him "formerly a merchant in Albany." He is said to have been interred in Cairo, Greene County and to have been a Revolutionary war patriot. In August, letters of administration were issued on his estate. His widow, Mary, survived until 1816.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Francis Carbine has not been assigned a CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. A handwritten genealogy is said to be filed in Salt Lake City.

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