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Archibald Campbell was born about 1736. Several same-named individuals were at risk during the second half of the eighteenth century. Perhaps this individual worked as a surveyor in New Jersey prior to settling in Albany.   biography in-progress

By 1766, he was paying taxes on an Albany house. In 1768, he married Christina Starenberg of the Schoharie Valley. The marriage produced many children including Archibald who was baptized in the Albany Dutch church in 1778 and became a prominent Albany resident. Perhaps Albany mainstay John Campbell was his son as well.

In 1763, he is said to have been deeded a tract of family land in Albany County. He was known regionally as a surveyor. In 1772, he laid out a 1.15 million acre tract in the Adirondacks. He also made a number of maps of the city of Albany.

At the outbreak of the War for Independence, Campbell supported the Revolutionary cause and was named to represent recently formed Charlotte County in the Provincial Congress. He also posted bail for some country people including his father-in-law.

For several decades these Campbells were Albany mainstays. During the 1780s, his store "opposite Mr. Denniston's tavern" was advertised in the Albany newspaper. He sold imported tea, sugar, and window glass. He owned and leased a number of lots within the city limits. In 1787, he served as an inspector in the first ward. He also was a member of the Albany Presbyterian church.

After the war, he resumed surveying. In 1785 he was the deputy State Surveyor. In 1789, he patented 3,000 acres of bottomland (including two islands) in what became Tioga County. He also owned lands in New Jersey and near Sacandaga!

In March 1793, he was one of those called on to authenticate the will filed by an Albany neighbor.

Archibald Campbell filed a will in February 1793. It identified his wife and eleven living children. He died on April 24, 1793 and was buried in the Presbyterian church plot. He was two months shy of his fifty-eighth birthday.

biography in-progress


the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Archibald Campbell is CAP biography number 7528. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Was he the Archibald Campbell wounded at Ticonderoga in 1758 or '59?

Information from Howard Campbell posted on Rootsweb in 1998. Copied as posted: "Desire information on my ancestor Archibald Campbell born 1736 or 1745 in Albany County New York - died March 27 1793 Schoharie NY. Married Christina Sternberg (1750-1796) 8 January 1768. Children John (1769-1802) Jacob (1772-1803) and nine others. 1790 lived city first ward. His occupation was as a deputy surveyor (1770-1788) State. Fought the French Indian revolutionary wars. Father willed him lands Jersey. Can anyone verify Archibalds date place of birth? Do you know parents (name, birth marriage death) I to trace family back Scotland so when [I] visit there next year . . .
        In 2012, Campbell Genealogy Notes presented a more comprehensive compilation of potential material on him. However, another printed resource tells a different tale. At this point, we move on for now saying that here we strive to focus on the Albany surveyor who was buried in Albany in 1793.

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