Anna Cook Hewson


Anna Cook or Cock probably was born during the 1730s. She was the wife and then Albany-based widow of John Hewson.

Between 1755 and 1763, three sons were christened in Albany churches. Her husband was an officer at St. Peter's.

John Hewson was a shoemaker whose modest home was in the first ward.

She was named in the will filed by her husband in December 1777. Hewson was dead by March of 1779 but the will did not pass probate until September 1799.

In 1779, "widow Huston's" name appeared on two Albany assessment rolls as the owner of a house and lot in the first ward. The personal property of two sons was noted under her parcel. In 1788, "Daniel Hewson & Mother" were identified as the property holders. Two years later, the census identifed "Ann Hewson" as the head of a first ward household that included four men and four females and appeared to be located on or near upper State Street. Later, the address would be given as Lion Street.

Beginning in 1796, the widow began selling off her Lion Street holdings in what appears to have been a Hewson "estate" near the intersection of Lion and Dove Streets..

Anna Cook Hewson died sometime after May 1802 when she made a last conveyance.

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