Alida Clute De Foreest


Alida Clute was born in July 1731. She was the daughter of Johannes and Anna Clute. Perhaps she was the eldest daughter with many younger siblings. She probably grew up on the family farm located in what is today Niskayuna where her father may have been a third generation landholder.

In August 1763, she would have been in her thirties when she ("Alida Kloet") married widower Wouter De Foreest at the Albany Dutch church. By 1776, that union had produced seven additional children who were christened at the church where the parents were regular baptism sponsors. At the time of their wedding, the partners were identified as "both of the colony."

After living for a time on the West Manor, by 1779 Wouter had re-located his family to his property in Albany's North End. He appears to have died after his house and holdings were listed on the assessment there in 1788. That home was located nearby those of Wouter's brother and other kin. At that time, the Clute family seems to have had no discernible city presence.

In 1793 and 1797, fires ravaged the riverside northern part of the city. At that time, widow Alida would have been in her sixties. Perhaps, she was the "Widow De Foreest" referenced regarding "The dwelling house and stable was destroyed by fire - house on Watervliet Street . . . belonging to Widow De Foreest; occupied by her and Mrs. Low."

By 1800, Alida would have been approaching seventy. However, following the passing of her husband, the widow does not appear to have been a householder of record.

We seek definitive information on the later life and passing of Alida Clute De Foreest.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Alida Clute De Foreest is CAP biography number 1553. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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